Eclectic Rose Red Elk Creates Comic Books Aimed At Teens On Reservations


When you create a comic book, you need a hero -- or four.

And in the new comic book series "Empowerment Saga," due out this summer by Native American artist Rose Red Elk, they take many forms.

"These four birds, these shape shifters, are superheros with great powers," Red Elk says."

"There's bank robbers. There's loan sharks. There's gang members," Red Elk says. "They time travel."

The U.S. Department of the Interior and Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians commissioned Red Elk to write these stories with a moral in mind: They aim to teach Native American teens on reservations how to be responsible with their money. The comic can also be used for the non natives as well.  Please visit for the free down loads


Read the full story here.

Weave Your Dreams: Dream Catcher Class

Rose Red Elk aka Red Feather Woman award winning recording artist as a Native American oral story teller/singer songwriter and author, is enrolled member of the Ft. Peck Tribes- Assiniboine/Sioux, in Eastern Montana.  One of her passions as an artist is making fine art dream catchers. She uses semi precious stones, and metals to weave beautiful dream catcher. She also places her energy and intentions within.

This is a beginning class to teach the basics of the process.  In order to become proficient, one must learn the beginning basics of the weave and materials used. 

Metal 5” hoop, artificial sinu, leather and metal fetish, feathers.  Only a few stones will be needed in the beginning.  You will also be given materials for a kit to take with you so you can practice on your own. 

Time Duration: 3 hrs

Price: $65 includes all materials and kit to take home


Fine Art-Dream Catchers

Red Feather Woman — Rose Red Elk Original

One of Rose’s many talents is designing dream catchers. Her unique style is contemporary with Lakota intention. Her early designed incorporated beads as she discovered how a color brings light to the weave. The body of the dream catcher takes on a life of its own, as she carefully hand threads each bead or stone. Rose gently wraps each hoop with strips of leather, and then begins a weaving, using artificial sinew. As an artist, she may have an idea of a color scheme, but as she begins to build the heart of the dream catcher, she never knows what it will look like until she completes it. Her intent as a handcrafted design is full of positive energy as well as unique.    

She gathers special beads and gems to her collection to use for a “one of its kind dream catcher”. Some of the stones have healing energies and Rose will also custom design for those who want a particular stone, color or theme. She also uses beautiful feathers, pheasant, duck, chicken, parrot, and turkey.

The ancient legends of the dream catchers hold a special healing energy for those who believe. Red Feather Woman’s dream catchers blend the old with the new. Never losing the power of positive energy, healing, and peaceful design, allow the dream catcher to help all your dreams come true.

Colorado Public Television: Keepers of the Earth

In this video, Red Feather Woman sings about how we are all connected to Mother Earth. Seen through the eyes of a Hawk, Red Feather Woman walks between nature and civilization, blending worlds of ritual, remembrance and hope for the future.

Her song, “The Keepers of the Earth,” relates the ancient story of the medicine colors. Red, black, yellow and white represent the nations of the world. White man keeper of the fire, black man keeper of the water, yellow man keeper of the air, and Red man keeper of the Earth.

Each nation has a gift. Our elders and wisdom of the medicine people have taught us we are all connected and in this story, all people have gifts in helping the world heal and helping one another. We must heed the call to honor our ancestors to help our future generations.

Many people made this video possible. Special thanks to Red Feather Woman; Kin Quitugua at Hawk Quest; John Gritts; Team Bearsheart: Brad, Ella, Nathaniel and Gabriele; Clint Rides His Horse; Dennison Elementary and Students; and Jackie Sanderson, Natural Resource Specialist at Prairie Canyon Ranch, Douglas County Division of Open Space and Natural Resources.