The Keepers of the Earth CD


The Keepers of the Earth CD


Red Feather Woman (Lakota/Assiniboine)
With Special Guest Mary Youngblood
Produced by Doug Haywood


Signed by Rose Red Elk

Album debut
Red Elk Enterprises and Blatz Music announces their release of Red Feather Woman aka Rose Red Elk (Lakota/Assiniboine) first album, entitled “The Keepers of the Earth”. This wonderful blend of traditional storytelling, intermingled with contemporary music, sets the stage for journeys to distant worlds, leaving one with feelings of peace and a sense of wonder and connectedness. “The Keepers of the Earth “ features Native American Flutist, 2003 Grammy winner in the Native American category, Mary Youngblood Produced/arranged by Doug Haywood, First Hand Studio, Lafayette, Co. Doug is a producer/singer/songwriter, former member of Jackson Browne’s band, and along with many more credits to his professional career

“The Keepers of the Earth”, album includes four Native American traditional stories & four songs. The title track “The Keepers of the Earth”, tells the ancient story of the medicine wheel, red, black yellow and white colors of all nations and their gifts. The song explains in simplest terms what happens when our air is filled with pollution and as our rivers fail to flow in their natural environment. During live performances, Rose teaches her audiences to sing the chorus. Thus continuing the awareness of the earth.

Other tracks include a beautiful tale of legends that have been passed down through generations; medicine powers, where the wind comes from and how natural hot springs proofed to be helpful.


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