Empowerment $aga

The Empowerment $aga is a series of stories to engage youth 14-18 years of age in developing basic financial skills so they will learn how to build and preserve their own financial wealth. These stories, offered in colorful comic-style graphics, are reservation-based in order to bring "home" to Native youth the message of handling their finances from an early age. The project was funded by The Department of Interior and the Office of the Trust for the American Indian (OST)

Book 1: Journey of Trade

Book 2: Quest for a Job

Book 3: Adventures in Banking

Book 4: Exploring a New Frontier - Credit

Book 5: A Loan or Not a Loan?

Book 6: The Choice

Empowerment $aga Coloring Book

How to make a dream catcher

This is a small class in which I teach to weave with artificial sinew.  I furnish all the materials for a 5” dream catcher.

The art of Storytelling — Through the art of storytelling, we can convey important ways, using storytelling as a teaching tool. In todays world we are inundated with storytelling. The key is to choose which medium to learn from. This workshop will help learning how to use storytelling as a teacher, using creativity and your life experiences.

Storytelling Performance

Oral, spoken word storytelling accompanied by music is Red Feather Woman’s passion.  Her stories are a blend of medicine stories, stories spiritual in nature and learning tools. She will engage the audience to participate in a song “Keepers of the Earth.” If there is room afterward, she leads the group in a social dance, called “round dance”.  

Entertainment - Education - Enrich – Enlighten

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Breaking the Stereotypes
  • The importance of respecting the Earth

Medicine Wheel Colors - A gift for all Nations
This ancient story explains the four medicine colors primarily from the Plains Indians. Each Nation has a gift, Red Man, White Man, Yellow Man and Black Man.

The Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman
Where the Chunupa (peace pipe) comes from- gift from Creator to the Lakota (Sioux) nation.

Wind Eagle – Where the wind comes from
A story with humor, on how our environment is connected to all elements.

Legend of the Lakota Dream Catcher
Several tribes have stories; this one is from the Lakota people, on the origin of the dream catcher and the medicine man who received it.

Star Man - Story of a Cree Medicine Man
Teaches how having faith in ourselves to be brave to serve.

Red Feather Woman is also a songwriter, and has written songs to accompany each story. Currently, she has three CD’s with a combination of oral stories, and contemporary music. Two Cd’s have won Native American Music Awards, 2008 & 2014.


1 – 45 min time duration

Key Note Speaking

Taking on the State of Texas - Cowboys vs. Indians

While attending Texas A&M University, 1991-1995 Rose Red Elk discovered that her university did not recognize the Native American’s as a minority, therefore not allowing them to apply for federally funded scholarship money for minorities. She was selected from hundreds of Native American students throughout the US into the Native American Internship Program, hosted by the prestigious American University in Washington DC. She was placed in the Post Secondary Department of Education to do her research on other universities in the State of Texas — seeing if they offered scholarships to their Native American Students. She would later file a civil complaint against Texas A&M University for civil right infringement.

Rose made national news when the story landed on the front page of the Houston 

Post, January 16, 1995.  Because of the media attentions, change was made.

“So you want to be a Professional Performer?”

In 1997, Rose aka Red Feather Woman left corporate America to pursue the arts as a professional Native American storyteller singer songwriter.  Knowing nothing about the business, she began her adventure of loss, laughter and success.  Within the 19 years as a professional performer, Rose can give you insight on what it takes and the sacrifice and dedication it takes to continue your dream. She is a two time Native American Award winner, one self published book, - “Medicine Stories”, “Empowerment Saga”- comic book series written for the Department of Interior and OST (Office of the Special Trustee for American Indian) teaches financial management for youth, and currently working with CPT12 PBS Denver on a TV series “Ancient Stories with Red Feather Woman”. 


Performing Arts Complexes

  • Solo
  • Duo-Native American Flute and RFW guitar
  • Trio
  • Band
  • Band and Dancers- exhibition plains dancing
  • With visual slide show 

<Note, most venues can be with any of the above>


Corporate Events 

  • Reception entertainment
  • Special holidays
  • Banquet entertainment
  • Key Note speaking

University Events

  • Concerts
  • Key Note speaking- lecture
  • Multicultural Events
  • Native American Heritage Months entertainment
  • Special Events

NOTE: Package Deal- concert, assemblies-lecture-workshop whatever their needs are:

  • Venues
  • Schools, Elementary and High
  • Colleges
  • Music Festivals
  • Museum Entertainment
  • Theaters
  • Amphitheaters
  • Corporate Events-multicultural concert
  • House Concerts
  • Storytelling Festivals
  • Pow Wows
  • Receptions
  • Private gatherings
  • Boy Scouts-Cub Scouts
  • Retreats
  • Senior Homes